Update from Tommy Andre in Ulverston

Update from Tommy Andre in Ulverston

We stole this from Tommy-Andre’s blog. It gives you a good insight into some of the goings on in ministry.

Lunch clubs

Tommy with Barrow interns Priscila and Maggie

Monday and Wednesday each week me and my line manager, Vic, run two lunch clubs at Ulverston Victoria High School.

On Wednesdays we run a lunch club called Big Questions. This is more of a philosophical group where we talk about some of the big questions in life. So far we have looked upon the question does God really exist? and we have been trying to answer the question by looking at different sources. First we looked at creation, then we reasoned for it from a personal experience point of view, and lastly from the bible. Here we also asked the question is the bible reliable?  BTW; did you know that we have around 37.2 trillions cells in our body, and that each cell contains 7feet of DNA string. If we ad up those numbers, or ad the DNA strings together, we get a continuous string of DNA equivalent to the distance from the earth to the sun 447 times, or to the moon 174 345 times. Hah! Fun fact!

As a follow up of big questions we run a lunch club called explore. This is a lunch club where we explore the Christian faith with the students. We look on topics such as dreams, ministry and prayer. We try to have a short presentation on the topic and then get the students to discuss it and ask questions.

Youth Groups

Yes, that word is in plural..
Every Tuesday fortnight I help run a youth group here in Ulverston. This is for year 7-9 and 9-11..I think. (I’m not very good at remembering things like that…). On the last Monday of each month i help run a similar youth group in Urswick, 3.5 miles from Ulverston. Then there is another youth group another Monday of the month. Thursdays I’m busy with youth groups different in different places depending on which Thursday of the month it is. We go to Broughton (10 miles), Coniston (14 miles) and Thwaits (13 miles). They are all practically the same with some activity in the beginning, selling of sweets or food and a God spot  near the end.

Sunday church

As in many other parts of the world there is a Sunday service in the church. Here i often help out with the junior church (Sunday school) which are the same age as the Tuesday youth group. And in the evening there is something called café church.  This is a informal church where the congregation participate in for of round table discussion. Here i also get to lead and preach!

“But is that all??”

Yes, pretty much.. A lot of work you say? No, i don’t think of it as work, it is to fun, to giving to be work. I really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to each day…..Not the bike ride from home to the office every day in rain and wind…..

Enjoy life guys!
Don’t worry about a thing, it is waste of energy!
Listen to reggae and relax!

God bless you all!