A Day in the life of Maggie – The Pulse Network Youth Church

A Day in the life of Maggie – The Pulse Network Youth Church

We’ve borrowed this post from Maggie’s own blog:

We just stopped the bus, like just a second ago. But the Kids have been here for a while, and they have started knocking on the black windows. Our bus driver opens the door for the two other leaders that have been waiting for us with the kids. Some of the guys are trying to enter and you can see it in their eyes that they know they are not supposed to. They need to wait a few more minutes. Before I arrived, I liked the idea of this bus, but I never thought that there would be so many young people so excited to get onto the JESUS BUS. I don’t think that would have happened in Norway, at least not the city I’m from.

“CAN I PRAY WITH YOU?” One of the boys yells as loud as he can for us to hear him, and his question is followed by another 10 laughing out loud. All of them know what we are doing before the doors open; we are praying. Praying for the bus, that we can use it to glorify God. We pray for God to fill all the leaders with his love so everyone that steps into the bus can feel that we have something different in us. That we are living for something more. And we pray for all the kids that come in, for them to come closer to him. For them to feel him here and when they are home.

The knocking is getting harder and harder, and the shouting is even louder. To me it feels like this is the way they usually get someone’s attention. But we still need to set up everything; the x-box games, movies, crafts and games. And to not forget the most important, HOT CHOCOLATE.

“Can I have a hot chocolate please?!” “HOT CHOCOLATE!!!” That’s what I do for at least the first 30 min, making hot chocolate and giving out biscuits to everyone that asks. But when I don’t make hot drinks, I just hang out, talking, playing games and trying to show that Christians are not that bad to be with.

Two hours, almost 100 cups of hot chocolate and lots of biscuits later we are are on our way back. It might not be that we talk a lot about Jesus while the bus is out, but I believe that we start a process for these kids and that will make a difference for them.