Ablaze North

Ablaze North




Hello! My name is Anna, and I’m an intern in Carlisle. I have the honour of spending a year working with youth through Carlisle Network Youth Church, and one of the things I got to do is help arrange Ablaze north. Ablaze is an event where the goal is to gather young people in Cumbria. And Ablaze North, which is hosted by Carlisle and Solway NYC, is therefore for young people in the North of Cumbria.

The day of Ablaze north went about like this: We started the day outside of Stanwix park, a leisure park in Silloth. When all the young people in question had showed up and signed in we were ready for the two first activities of the day, swimming and bowling. Inbetween these two activities there was also served a lunch. After this first part of the day was done, the more intense part started. The young people were slit into groups of 5-6, and their goal as a team was to gather as many points as possible doing different activities scattered around Silloth. As the activities drew to a close we got a creative performance from each group. And in the end the winning team was announced, and they were given a price for their efforts.

The best parts of Ablaze north for me was two things. Number one was seeing how the event I had helped create went from just an idea around a Café-table, to actually happening. And number 2 was when the day was over, and I asked some of the young people waiting for a lift home if they had had fun, and they answered yes. It warmed my heart, and made my day so much better.

Text by Anna Fauskanger Pedersen